Jeff Warren

Warren, Jeff 2009 video demo

Jeff's career objective has always been to create an atmosphere of inspired participation among his audience by providing the widest possible range of musical styles with vocals. He strives to instill a sense of excitement in the mind of the listener. He can utilize available technologies within the context of his show to create as big a sound as may be required by some venues.

Jeff's past successes have included long term worldwide engagements with Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Dolphin Cruise Line and Epirotiki Cruise Lines—on whose ships he has travelled to more than 85 countries. Land based engagements have taken him to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Other musical experiences have included stints as bandleader of four separate musical units including featured trios and quartets. He is trained in jazz piano but is also quite capable on guitar, bass and drums. Jeff has more than twenty years experience in music composition and songwriting and he was selected as the youngest member to attend the Broadway musical writing workshop for BMI Canada. He also has ten years experience as a recording studio engineer and is extremely literate in all aspects of music technology, including MIDI, Notation and sequencing software and keyboard synthesis. He has also spent three years in Toronto instructing in piano and organ performance and recording studio technology.