Tammy Tanner

Tammy Tanner

Tammy Tanner is the most popular female piano bar entertainer ever! Period.

Tammy has been one of the most sought-after piano bar entertainers for many years, and piano bars are on a waiting list to have her perform at their venues.There's no mystery to all of that, as there are simply no others like her anywhere. Her show is nonstop entertainment from the opening song until the end of the night.

When you enter a piano bar and are unable to see the pianist because of all the people standing around the piano, you can be sure that Tammy is the one behind the keys. Her show is without limits, and is never boring.

She has a fabulous way of communicating with the audience, and her vast repertoire makes her capable of playing just the right song at the right time. Most piano bar regulars will never forget a night in a piano bar when Tammy has been entertaining.

Tammy has a very professional and cooperative attitude — and does a great show in any nightclub setting.