Sandra video demo

   Sandra is an established singer, pianist and songwriter. She has been working in the entertainment industry for more than a decade as a resident musician across a number of different types of establishments.

   Her resident musician role has mostly been as a pianist, piano-vocalist or guitarist-vocalist at a number of five-star hotels, resorts and similar high-end luxury venues around Europe. Through all of those roles she has acquired a sense of stage presence needed to engage an audience of different cultural and social backgrounds. She speaks five languages. And Sandra shines on stage.

   Her extensive repertoire is international and versatile (jazz, pop, blues, soul, rock, country, original songs) -- appropriate for cocktail hour, fine dining and also late evening entertainment. It is a perfect mixture of ballads, mid-tempo and upbeat songs. She is able to adapt her set list to suit the needs of the moment and is also happy to take any song requests guests may have.