Joey Riedel

Riedel, Joey video demo

   A prolific songwriter, Joey Riedel has written hundreds of songs of many genres. Melodic, passionate pop/rock tunes just seem to pour out of him. An excellent pianist and guitarist with nearly twenty years of professional experience as a musician, Joey’s superb instrumental skills pull you into his music and his emotionally raw lyrics and catchy melodies keep you there. Influenced by Elton John, Journey and Ben Folds Five, Joey can be seen performing live with his band, or working the crowd at the New York New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

   Joey has performed over the past 20 years for thousands of grateful ears. An inspiration to musicians all around, this multi-instrumentalist sings, plays guitar like no other, tickles the ivory keys, blows the trumpet, writes and records his own songs and albums -- and does one of the best Elton John voices in his tribute act.