Petra Penttilä

Penttilä, Petra video demo

   Accomplished singer/songwriter, pianist and saxophonist, Petra Penttilä interprets modern songs with strong pop and jazz influences. Playing solo or in a band, her music combines her natural sweetness and powerhouse talent. She delivers a passionate performance drawing upon life experiences and the complexity of love. Her saxophone solos are characterized by voluptuous phrasing, impressive range, and a rich expression.

   Now living in Paris, Petra hails from the mystical Nordic country of Finland. She has appeared many times on TV and radio in Finland and been privileged to play for artists including Harry Belafonté and David Leibman. She continues to work internationally in Italy, Switzerland, Dubai and the USA. In Paris, she has performed in prestigious venues such as New Morning, Sunset, Duc des Lombards and Palais de la Découverte.

   Petra holds degrees in piano from the conservatory in Finland and in saxophone from the American School of Modern Music in Paris.