Glenn Monie

Glenn Monie's journey to becoming a regular performer at many of the most popular piano bars in his native UK and all across Europe took a long and circuitous route.

Glenn started playing the guitar when he was just seven years old and began his career as a guitarist and vocalist at the age of 15. After playing with various bands, traveling around Europe and the Caribbean, and covering some of the most popular soul, blues, rock and country hits of the 1960s and 1970s, Glenn decided to go solo in 1981. Completely self-taught on guitar, he taught himself to play chords on piano to back up his vocals. After years of hard work in the English pubs and clubs, he eventually honed his piano playing ability to the point when he began performing in some of Europe's most popular piano bars.

Because of his vast experience as a musician and entertainer, Glenn is comfortable performing to audiences of all ages. His varied repertoire, versatility and ability to play both piano and guitar make him one of the most entertaining performers on the contemporary piano bar circuit.