Yvonne Dawes

     Yvonne Dawes is a San Francisco Bay Area jazz, blues and gospel vocalist who regularly performs in hotels and restaurants in that area.  She has also made a personal appearance on Jazz with Frankye Kelly as a guest vocalist.  Yvonne is also a theatrical entertainer, and has taken part in the ensemble casting of Black Repertory’s presentations of The Mahalia Jackson Story, The Josephine Baker Story and My Sister, My Twin.  She is also a character voiceover actress.

     As choreographer, she has taken on projects for Mareau Catholic High School's Billy Club Puppet.  And as a Salsa Jazz dancer, she performed with Ruben Aponte’s Dance Revu.  In Spring of 2005, she played the role of a Tango dancer in an independent film entitled Shut Up And Dance. Theatrical projects have been with Vallejo Music Theater for two musicals -- Ain’t Misbehavin and Sophisticated Ladies.  Yvonne was also cast in a Motown review, Down Broadway in 2009 with J. La Chic Productions.  She makes regular appearances in California as a jazz vocalist, and she  also performed in Japan for a number of wedding events in 2012.