Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis is a gifted singer and consummate performer with a warm, angelic yet sultry voice that has captivated and seduced audiences throughout the world. Poet, lyricist, actress, artist, dancer, teacher, and athlete are the basics of her multi-faceted character.

Her singing really makes one take notice. Be it jazz, classical, gospel, pop, country, R&B, hip-hop or commercial jingles, she can do it all and make it look easy. Her chosen repertoire consist of a wide selection of both familiar and obscure jazz standards that shape her life's experiences, including love ballads, blues, Latin and whimsical swing tunes. Among her colleagues, she's developed a reputation as a hard swinging, hip tempo-setting singer as she plays around with rhythmic and melodic improvisations. 

Constantly working in the New York, European and Asian jazz scenes has given Deborah a sophisticated poise tempered with sensitivity and grace. Her natural flowing charm, obvious talents, charisma, and flawless stage presence draw you into her show.