The Black Box Duo


   Brazilians Rauber Mendes Silveira and Flavia Carvalho Gama are The Black Box Duo.  They perform an amazing repertoire of music for cruise ships, high end hotel and resorts -- in English, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.  The joined forces several years ago and have performed most of the past four years on board MSC Cruises.  Rauber sings, plays guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonicas, synths and even a Highland bagpipe.  Flavia sings, plays bass, keyboards, percussion and melodica. 

   They perform their more than 1,000 songs repertoire with or without backing tracks, depending upon the type of venue they are playing.  If it's to dance, they normally perform with backing tracks.  If it's a calm saloon or lounge, they perform the same song list without tracks or electronic accompaniment.  Their principal influences are pop, rock, jazz, bossa nova, Latin and British music.  They offer a friendly, personal touch, with music tailored to any venue.