Back To Back

Back To Back, pop and top 40

Back To Back, jazz standards and ballads

     Back To Back is live music at its finest! The duo consists of Sabrina on lead vocals and Adam, an Australian singer and guitarist. With an ever expanding set list of over 900+ songs, Back To Back will provide the right mix for any venue -- whether it's the smooth laid-back sounds for a 5 star hotel, the intimacy of an Irish pub, a cruise ship or cocktail lounge, or the stage driven party of a dance club.

     The duo is also able to add members for an engagement requiring a trio, four or five piece band.  Having toured for many years on the 5 star hotel and Hard Rock Cafe live music circuit, Back To Back understands the needs of any venue and has the experience and ability to read the crowd.  This enables them to seamlessly adapt their set list to suit the requirements of any venue.

     They recently completed contracts in Japan, UAE and Qatar, and are available to perform worldwide for engagements ranging from three months to two years.  Check out their videos – one in the pop and top 40 style, and the other performing jazz standards and ballads.