Lis B

Lis B solo demo

Lis B dueling demo

   From her earliest days growing up as a Chicagoland native (and ever since she can remember), music has moved the very pulse of her heart and soul. From the popular music of the Gershwins, to The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Broadway Classics, Lady Gaga, and many more - the soundtrack of her life is one she’s honored to bring to audiences around the world.

   You can find her performing solo, duo, trio, or with full bands in clubs, theaters, special events, festivals, corporate events, or maybe you’ve already seen me at my residencies at ‘Howl At The Moon’ locations. No matter where, whether she’s performing her own music, or bringing to life the classic, modern American songbook through her interpetations as a solo vocalist/pianist - she lives and breathes her artform - and she hopes her soundtrack will resonate with you.