Amaryllis Duo

Amaryllis Duo - piano and vocal demo

Italian entertainers Raffaella Centonze and Antonio Contarino have been performing as the Amaryllis Duo since 2008.

The Amaryllis Duo has been able to combine a youthful image with an elegant international repertoire. The performances feature a great variety of music, including jazz, pop, standards, dance, Latino, soul, French classics, and, of course, traditional Italian and Neapolitan music. They are able to sing in several languages, including English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

They are able to perform strictly acoustic, making a soft ambience utilizing just piano and voice, or may add backing tracks for a more upbeat presentation. 

They are constantly striving to raise the quality and variety of their performance. The secret to their success is the passion that they share for the work that is their life.