Ivy Alex

Ivy Alex in NOLA

   Florida native Ivy Alex is serenading spirits across the globe with her jazz hands and angelic vocals - a classic sound reemerges.

   Music grabbed ahold of Ivy by age 3 as a neighbor would gift her a toy piano for Christmas that year. According to her mother, Ivy proceeded to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ from memory. Piano lessons began at 7 and original compositions followed shortly thereafter.

   Different music communities would build Ivy’s love of the industry in many ways- attending an arts camp in upstate NY inspired her love of Musical Theatre. All-State concert bands playing flute would attract her to big band and classical music, and high school jazz programs at Ruth Eckerd Hall would expand her improvisation techniques and appreciation for black music.

   With a guitarist for a Dad, music was in her blood and Ivy’s ear was undeniable.. even to Berklee. There, she’d win a scholarship for an original song and major in her dream field - Film Scoring.

   After college, she landed in the City of Angels where she’d build and be a part of the music community there, helping throw arts events like Hollywood Enchanted Nights and immersing herself in the singer-songwriter scene. A surprising opportunity to perform on cruise ships would ship her out to sea, where she performed as a dueling pianist/singer for Billboard Onboard on Holland America Line averaging 22 shows weekly, then Howl at the Moon on Norwegian Cruise Line where she plays piano, flute, guitar and even drums.

   Heavily influenced by artists like Alicia Keys and Norah Jones, while also growing up on Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, SOUL is at the heart of her compositions. Forever set amongst the backdrop of the Piano, Ivy takes the listener on a unique, palpable journey through dreamlike soundscapes.. stories of fairytale love, epic heartbreak, longing & hope, lust & nostalgia. A blend of neosoul, jazz, pop and even hints of musical theatre make each song release a surprise and story.

   Ivy is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer based worldly.. but mostly in Boston and Nashville.

   ”I release a song when I feel like it takes on a journey, sonically. Music is the best drug.”