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Gordon Young

British entertainer Gordon Young is one of the finest boogie woogie and rock 'n roll piano entertainers performing on the international piano bar circuit today. His ability as a singer and entertainer have earned him accolades throughout his 25 year professional career. His solo show is an eye catching blend of sweat-dripping rock 'n roll, beautiful ballads, audience-grabbing personality, rib-splitting humor and outrageous 1950's drape suits and brothel creepers.

Since 1983, Gordon has been involved in the recording industry and is part owner of a recording studio in Denmark. To date he has produced or performed on hundreds of recordings. He is gifted with a truly fine voice, in that cigarette-and-whiskey-soaked style similar to Ray Charles and Joe Cocker.

Gordon has performed in nearly 20 countries, playing venues ranging from small clubs and pubs to music festivals. Gordon is currently a much sought after performer throughout Scandinavia.

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