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Lara Olivia

Lara Olivia

Lara Olivia was born in Tilburg, Holland in 1991, and has been a lover of music her entire life. She was born to entertain, and music and performing have dominated her life. As a child, she would constantly transform the family living room into a grand concert hall where she would sing, dance and act out her favorite pieces for family and friends. The hobbies grew quickly to be more than just fun, and so the formal training began.

Lara graduated in 2011 from the ROC Artist College with concentrated study in pop vocals and jazz dance. After teaching herself guitar in 2010, she began piano lessons in 2011. Lara has been immersed in the Dutch piano bar scene since first auditioning for a dueling piano gig during the summer of 2012. She has developed her skills to entertain all types of audiences, from dinner clientele to high energy crowds.

Lara continues to hone her skills as an all around musician and entertainer, whether performing solo or in a dueling piano environment. She understands that her job is not only about the music, but creating a comfortable and exciting atmosphere by performing the right songs and engaging her audience.

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