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Melissa Murray

Murray, Melissa video demo

     Melissa Noelle Murray is an entertainer from Minneapolis, Minnesota who specializes in piano playing, singing and dance. Taking many years of vocal lessons from a young age, she participated in a variety of musical theater around the city. After college, she fell into a bartending position at a piano bar and immediately taught herself how to play piano in the hopes of one day becoming a pianist. Along with piano she learned bass guitar and drums as well. That job opened her to a world of performance opportunities.

     Melissa has since cruised the South Pacific with P&O Cruises. Currently she performs in the USA at different piano venues, and private events. Since picking up improvisational theater as a side hobby, she is making a name for herself, both for her stage talent and wit. Her performance style is professional yet fun, while still connecting with the audience to provide a personal experience.

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