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Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy

Brian Mccarthy piano rhapsody

   Brian McCarthy has performing for more than 20 years and is a virtuoso on both piano and guitar. He has performed in many different and diverse musical situations, from playing lead guitar/fronting bands to playing solo piano gigs.

   Though Brian was first trained as a classical pianist, as a teenager he was drawn to the electric guitar. Within 5 years of starting on the guitar, Brian was the featured soloist and performer with the Spokane Symphony Orchestra in the production Bach, Beethoven and Brian. Brian never lost his love for piano and has continued to play professionally on both instruments, both as a solo artist on cruise lines and in hotels and restaurants. He also performs in bands as a guitarist/vocalist.

   Most recently Brian was a featured piano soloist/vocalist with Celebrity Cruise Lines, performing in concerts as a piano soloist and also in the VIP club as a piano vocalist.

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