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Katy Marquardt

Katy Marquardt

   Ever since Katy Marquardt went to a piano bar in college, she wanted to work in one.  She went to several over the years and took her Grandma to one for her 80th birthday.  They had so much fun and the players made her Grandma feel so special.  That is the experience Katy wants to provide for people -- an amazing memorable time!

   Katy has been able to perform all over the world, including the famous Casablanca Piano-Bar in Germany, and even at sea.  Whether you want to sing and clap along, dance the night away or just sit back and listen, she will make your night fun and memorable.  Her repertoire includes songs from 1950 through today and ranges from pop to rock to country to rap.

   Katy has also worked for The Second City Touring Company, Second City Detroit, Second City at Sea onboard the Norwegian Spirit and The Second City Training Center.  She has worked with several sketch and/or improv groups in Chicago including Baby Wants Candy, The Cupid Players and Grandma June’s Sewing Circle -- and has had original sketches and music performed in the original review “Mommy Dearest” at ComedySportz.

   Katy truly loves entertaining and exclaims, “I've met so many amazing people through what I do.”

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