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Susan Erwin

Susan Erwin

   A pianist, singer, songwriter, international performing artist, recording artist, and painter, Susan Erwin is an artist whose home is behind a piano.  Susan's versatile voice, impressive skills as a mutli-instrumentalist, dynamic stage presence, and rare ability to make every person in the audience feel a part of her show have made her successful in major venues worldwide.  Susan has over 250 international performance dates every year and has developed a loyal fan base.

   Susan succumbed to the gravitational pull of her life long love of music and left her corporate engineering job in 2005 to join the dueling pianos circuit in the Midwestern United States.  She's never been happier, and there's no turning back.  From Little Rock, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri to Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas and beyond, she has performed for people all over the world.   In 2010, she began a yearly international tour booked in venues throughout the Caribbean and Europe.

   Says Susan, "Music is my life.  Music has saved my life.  It’s my job -- and to me, that is total bliss!"

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