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Mick Burke

Michael Burke with backing tracks

Mick Burke

Take one virtuoso guitar player and versatile vocalist and add an amazing, broad repertoire of songs, bright personality and good looks, and you have just some of ingredients that professional artist Mick Burke of Ireland brings to a live musical performance.

Over many years of playing concerts and shows, Mick has established an enviable reputation for himself as an "in demand" guitarist across many genres and styles — both in studio recordings and in live performance. His gifted ability on guitar effortlessly embraces rock, pop, big band jazz, folk, blues and world music, and he has enhanced the work of many contemporary musicians in Ireland on stage and in the studio. As a lead vocalist, he has played the corporate and festival circuit in Ireland and Europe with big band Opus Pocus. Mick has also worked with many traditional Irish musicians bringing the folk music of Ireland to audiences across Europe, easily adapting to the unique rhythms and vast repertoire of dance tunes and ballads.

Mick's vocal and musical ability and his relaxed manner as a live performer are the stand-out attributes of this exceptional artistry. His many years of musical endeavors have crafted a stage persona that is at ease with his audience.

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