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Rick Bartlett

Rick Bartlett

   Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Rick Bartlett began his musical career at age 5 singing in church.  While in high school, Rick began performing with the Kentucky Opera Association. He attended the University of Louisville School of Music as a voice performance major. 

   Currently, Rick is a performer known for his rich velvet voice and talent on the piano with your favorite standards made famous by artists such as Nat King Cole, Lionel Richie and Frank Sinatra.  But whether you're looking for an intimate evening of favorite standards, or the rockin' sound of your favorite soul, R&B and classic rock 'n roll, Rick offers the entertainment to suit any venue.

   Rick's golden voice can make your soul yearn for memories gone by, or can make your feet take off for the dance floor with or without you!  You’ll soon understand why he’s affectionately called The Voice of Louisville.

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