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Greg Alcock

Greg Alcock

GREG LEIGHTON ALCOCK Piano Bar Entertainer Video 11 min YouTube

Vancouver-born Greg Alcock was just four years old when he struck a chord with his lifelong ambition. More than thirty years later, he is one of Canada's premier international piano bar entertainers. While still in his teens, Greg took to performing every musical genre, from Bach to The Beatles, at hotels and resorts throughout Western Canada. He especially enjoyed entertaining in the lively atmosphere of O'Ryans Cabaret, a classic Irish pub styled sing-a-long bar, where he quickly became a crowd favorite. He has performed on board cruise ships traveling to Alaska, Hawaii, Scandinavia and the Caribbean, and has also completed Caribbean and European hotel engagements.

His virtuosity and versatility at the piano have built Greg's reputation. And he is an asset to any first-class entertainment venue.

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